Plant Collections

  • Melbourne

Tropical Glasshouse

The Tropical Glasshouse at Melbourne Gardens showcases plants from tropical regions around the globe, and displays some of the most important and spectacular tropical rainforest plants known to man.

Opening hours
10am – 4pm daily
12 noon – 4pm on Public Holidays

The Tropical Glasshouse will temporarily close when the Bureau of Meteorology announce a Severe Weather Warning for the central area on their site.

Best Viewed

  • Winter
  • June, July, August


Some of the plants found in the Tropical Glasshouse can be grown at home, primarily as indoor plants. Tassel ferns (Huperzia squarrosa), Coffee (Coffea arabica), and Mother-in-Law’s Tongue (Sanserveria species) are a few great examples.

Plant Census

Find out what plants grow at Melbourne Gardens.

Key Plants

Amorphophallus titanum Titan Arum

When in flower, the Titan Arum is the largest unbranched inflorescence in the world. We have four in leaf, on display at the moment.

Stanhopea tigrina Tiger-spotted Stanhopea

A striking and beautifully perfumed orchid that flowers down through its growing media.

Ceratozamia mexicana Mexican Horn Cone

A large cycad from Mexico, and is threatened in its native habitat.

Curator Notes

  1. As all the plants are grown in pots the re-potting is continuous.
  2. The minimum temperature is 16C and the humidity is usually 70% or higher.


  • 1900s - The West half was built in the early 1900s, and the tiles are part of the original floor.
  • 1960s - The East half was built on in the 1960s, and the heating was converted from coal to oil at the same time.
  • 1990s - In the early 1990s the heating was then converted to natural gas on which it still runs.