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Rare and Threatened Species Collection

The Rare and Threatened Collection is a collection of rare and threatened Victorian native plants, displayed in regional groupings. The collection consists of six beds located on Central Lawn, grouped into: Alps, Grasslands, Grampians, Mallee and Eastern Ranges. Many make excellent garden plants but are uncommon or not yet available in nurseries.

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Eucalyptus verrucata

Shrub, large leaves

Plant Census

Find out what plants grow at Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne.

Key Plants

Brachyscome chrysoglossa

Perennial, yellow flowers.

Dodonaea boroniifolia

Shrub, dissected foliage.

Eucalyptus verrucata

Shrub, large leaves.

Myoporum floribundum

Small pendulous tree.

Nematolepis wilsonii

Small upright tree.

Olearia astroloba

Grey foliage sub-shrub.

Poa lowanensis

Rare Mallee grass.

Prostanthera galbraithiae

Shrub, superb mauve flowers in winter.

Zieria citriodora

Small shrub, scented foliage.

Curator Notes

The collection originates from many different environments. Refer to environmental conditions of where plants grow in nature for guidance.


  • Original site of Bulb Bed and Collection.
  • 2002 - Bulbs removed, with subsequent regrowth sprayed out over 24-month period.
  • 2005 - Planning phase began.
  • 2007-08 - Beds developed in summer 2007, planted in winter 2008.
  • 2007-08 - Many of the plants collected in conjunction with or from the Millennium Seedbank.