Director’s Circle

Professor Tim Entwisle, Director and Chief Executive of Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria invites you to support the Gardens through the Director's Circle. The Director’s Circle helps Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria build on its reputation for scientific innovation, plant conservation and creative visitor engagement. “Your generosity extends far beyond the vibrant beauty of the Gardens’ living collections to a global understanding of the value of plants in our lives.”

Director's Circle donors

As a Director’s Circle donor, you invest in the future of Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, with your annual gift supporting the Gardens’ vital work at the nexus of nature, culture and science.

Your support will ensure our Gardens remain the living heart of Victoria for many generations to come. Funds raised through the Director’s Circle support Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria’s priority projects each year, from the protection of our invaluable State Botanical Collection to the preservation of our world leading living collections, you can be sure your support is helping to keep our Gardens and our associated scientific research and innovative public engagement programs amongst the world’s best.

Director’s Circle is truly the inner circle at Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. We keep our Director’s Circle donors up to date on the impact of their giving through exclusive events, talks, guided tours and regular supporter newsletters and updates.  Donors are taken behind-the-scenes with our Director and Chief Executive as well as experts in their field. Director’s Circle donors receive first-hand access to our fascinating scientific projects and exciting developments within the beautiful landscapes and plant collections.

Director’s Circle donors are recognised for their support through the Annual Report and on-site donor recognition boards.

Join the Director's Circle 

Director's Circle donations begin at $1000 and are fully tax-deductible. Your donation is invested in the Royal Botanic Gardens Foundation to ensure the conservation and development of the Gardens for the enjoyment of future generations. Your donation will be allocated by the Director to priority projects in areas including biodiversity research, learning and participation and plant collections.

To join, or if you would like to make any enquiries regarding the Director’s Circle, please contact our friendly Development Team:

T 03 9252 2731