Science and Conservation

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria is a leading plant science organisation specialising in biodiversity and conservation research, as well as the provision of a variety of information and identification services for plants and fungi.

The National Herbarium of Victoria at the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria is home to the State Botanical Collection, an internationally significant collection of dried plant specimens and an extensive botanical library.

Much of the institution's research underpins a range of conservation and biodiversity management initiatives in both natural areas and in urban and suburban environments. Our herbarium resources also provide a valuable resource for scientists nationally and internationally.


Scientific research at Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria supports a range of conservation and sustainability initiatives, including the propagation of endangered native orchids and the Victorian Conservation Seedbank. Our scientists are also at the front line in identifying new weeds. Our scientists play a key role in discovering and naming plants (taxonomy) and in resolving their relationships and evolutionary history (systematics). Our biodiversity research also includes ecology and biogeography. Learn more:


Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria has some of the top academics in botany from around the world. To find a particular staff member, visit the current directory of Science staff.


Scientists at Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria publish journal articles and books in the areas of taxonomy, systematics, phylogeny, nomenclature, biogeography, conservation, sustainability, ecology and the history of science, with a focus on the flora and fungi of Victoria as well as iconic Australian plant groups such as Acacia and Eucalyptus.


The approximately 1.5 million dried plant and fungi collections housed in the National Herbarium of Victoria are an invaluable resource for scientists, land managers and historians.The Herbarium also houses an extensive botanical library and archive, and a collection of botanical art. Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria also provides a variety of information and identification services for plants and fungi, including on-line checklists of Victorian plants and Australian mosses.