Climate Change Alliance of Botanic Gardens

The Climate Change Alliance of Botanic Gardens brings together botanic organisations and friends to take action to protect and enable adaptation of botanic landscapes in a changing climate. By working together, we can protect our treasured botanic landscapes. The time for working together is now. The time for action is now. 

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Why a Climate Change Alliance? 

In December 2018, at the inaugural botanic gardens Climate Change Summit in Melbourne, the following declaration was made: Climate Change is happening now. As a consequence, the issues our world faces are unprecedented and borderless. The world’s botanic gardens are custodians of critically needed scientific and horticultural knowledge, and their landscapes a source of inspiration, learning and a place for positive social change.

Our Climate Change Alliance of Botanic Gardens will be the voice of committed botanic gardens from around the globe. Together we will address the impacts of climate change on plants and landscapes, and increase our capacity to save lives and this planet. Through this Alliance, botanic gardens and like-minded organisations across the globe are uniting to safeguard our planet through resilient landscapes. We, the gardeners of the world, say the time for action is NOW.

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The Climate Change Alliance of Botanic Gardens was initiated by Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria